Thursday, September 12, 2013

Austin Communication Group President Austin Smith Awarded for Outstanding Sales Management and Leadership

Austin Communication Group President Austin Smith, Pictured with Jaime Hepp, Awarded for Outstanding Sales Management and Leadership (Photo: Business Wire) 

Austin Communication Group, a sales and marketing company headquartered in Austin, Texas, announced that President Austin Smith and his team were selected from hundreds of sales professionals across the country to receive a coaching and leadership award at a regional sales conference.
“Our dedicated leadership team gives their all to provide excellent results for the client and we will continue to improve.”
Smith was recognized for his vast improvements over the past year within his sales team, number of promotions in his office, and boost in sales quality. The significant growth of Smith’s organization over the past year allows him to plan for success.
“I am proud of our team’s hard work and commitment, and honored to accept this award,” said President Austin Smith. “Our dedicated leadership team gives their all to provide excellent results for the client and we will continue to improve.”
Offering a creative approach to the clients’ marketing goals, Austin Communication Group’s primary objective is to increase public and corporate awareness of clients' products and services by setting up and executing direct marketing campaigns.
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About Austin Communication Group
Austin Communication Group is a premier outsourced marketing and sales company based in Austin, Texas that employs unique techniques on behalf of clients. Austin Communication Group works with some of the world’s largest companies to acquire new customers and increase market share. For more information, call 512-719-3000, email them at, or go to


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Summer Internship with ACG

My Summer Internship with Austin Communication Group
By Sandra Kelly

Reflecting on it, it’s funny to think that the only reason I went to the internship fair at my school was to get out of class that day. Upon doing so, I ended up meeting some of the most influential people of my generation. Austin Communication Group had a table at the internship fair as did everybody else, but what set them apart from the rest was the obvious observation that not a single one of their representatives that day were actually behind the table. Instead, they were intermingling with potential employees. Attracted to the table because I saw the word “communication” and the enthusiasm of the representatives I decided to give it a whirl and hand in my resume.

Shortly following the internship fair, I received an inviting phone call in regards to my resume to set up an interview. Upon my first and second interviews, I clearly remember the friendly environment filled with modern music, small talk, and the welcoming sense of humor of the administrator. 

Like many people in this business, I had no idea what I was truly getting myself into. The matching of the second round interview combined with the tailored enthusiasm and structure gave me the confidence that I can accept direct marketing as a challenging internship.

Immediately on my first day, I spent my first hours adapting to the family environment. Everyone was extremely welcoming; there was not one hand in that office of fifty that I did not shake. I appreciated the fact that even only being a couple hours into the business my fellow co-workers expressed genuine excitement for my starting the position.

Austin Communication Group has the most dynamic training experience for levels of experience. My interviewer, and leader, kept me by his side the first two days, then put me with contrasting personalities the next days. It was during these first five days that I learned the value of systems and how to effectively communicate by taking control and creating simple conversations with clients. The consistency of setting up one-on-ones combined with the never-ending proactive pitch-scenarios, only perfected the new knowledge I was being taught on a daily basis.

Understanding the opportunity of direct marketing through Austin Communication Group is an important aspect that can either make or break an employee. The opportunity was clear for me right from the beginning. Starting with the administrator, to my leader and up to the owner, it was clear that my hard work could surpass any one person at any given time. Taking note to the road to success, it only motivated me more to see just how far, I as an intern, could get by the end of the summer!

After reaching the consistent levels of leadership, I began to obtain and enhance new skills. Interviewing and leadership development came of the hardest challenge to me. This was simply because I only perceived my experience with Austin Communication Group as an intern, and all I wanted to do was focus on the sales itself and perfect my consistency. I felt at first, the more responsibilities I take on, the less consistent I will become. This was in fact false. With the organized scheduling of breakout phases, I was adequately given the tools needed to successfully obtain the knowledge to begin building my own team. It was here that I also felt the importance of maintaining those relationships with others in the office, and that we were all there to help each other succeed. Today I would not be in the position I am if it were not for my team helping me gain the success I earned.

Ending too soon to return to the school of Communication to study advertising at St. Edward’s University (Austin, TX), this internship has taught me a vast deal of applicable skills. Reflecting upon how I have grown, not only as an individual student, but as a direct marketer and leader, Austin Communication Group has further helped me to enhance my interpersonal skills. Receiving the opportunity to have the hands on experience in relation to my studies is the type of experience future employers yearn for when selecting the right person to the handle the job.

For some it may sound a bit confusing- why would an advertising student want an internship with direct marketing? The answer is simple; sales and marketing are attainable skills that can only be mastered by experience. From this experience I have met so many different kinds of people (both in the field and out). In doing so, enhancing my general ability to communicate with others. My ultimate goal is to one day be an Art Director for a major advertising firm. That job is specifically required to effectively communicate artistic ideas between the artist and the client. The knowledge and skills I have gained in this short summer internship with Austin Communication Group will not only contribute to the progress of my future goals, but will allow me to succeed as well. 

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Monday, July 8, 2013

What Is It Like Working at Austin Communication Group?

What are the most valuable things you’ve learned while working with Austin Communication Group?

“I can actually like work. I didn’t understand that before. Perseverance and persistence trumps most every other quality.” –Kessler George

“Consideration of the larger picture, my big picture, assessment of self is imperative, and pay attention 110% because lessons are being taught left and right and I don’t wanna miss out!” – Hannah Abraham

“Hard work pays off in the long run.” –Jacob Mooney

“How to accept people from all walks, then proceed to train them according to their personality.” –Mike Archa

“How to effectively communicate with people interpersonally, informationally, and directionally.” –Sandra Kelly

“Attitude is everything!” – Gregory Parker

“That values themselves are important in and outside the work place.” –Stephen Moore

How have you grown both personally and professionally since joining Austin Communication Group team?

“I’ve gained more confidence personally and matured professionally in leadership.” – Catherine Kocses

“I’ve learned a lot about myself and how hard I can work as well as gained more determination.” Sarah Gardner

“I’ve matured and built great work habits that can be applied to both work and home life.” Jacob Hollowell

“I have grown and learned more from ACG than the 4 years I spent at college.” –Colette Few

“Everyday is a test, everyday is an opportunity to grow spiritually and mentally. Those who combine have given me a better sense of this business.” –Mike Archa

“I have changed my mentality from depending on other people for my career and to depending on myself.” Zach Powell

“I have grown personally by actually realizing what I’m capable of doing, as in working hard and confidence in myself to overcome any task thrown my way. I grew professionally by learning how to interact with people in a business setting.” –Efren Dominguez

How would you describe the work culture and environment at Austin Communication Group?

“Most energetic and skillful environment I’ve worked in years.” –Chris Baker

“We are fast, loud, and fun.” – Zach Powell

“It’s a fun environment. I feel like each day I’m going to an amusement park with my best friends.” –Colette Few

“Everyone is very professional, yet fun and willing to help in every way possible.” –Lauren Houser

“Loud, crazy, and sometimes high, sometimes low, but always like a family.” –Renie Nguyen

“Team oriented, motivational, uncapped opportunity, this is my second family!” –Josh Borden

How does Austin Communication Group encourage you to “give back” to the community?

“It’s honestly in the sense of helping people genuinely.” – Sarah Gardner

“By giving me the initiative to want to help others by seeking individual benefits.” –Sandra Kelly

“By creating events that allow the company and others to work together to help others.” –Colette Few

“Through Operation Smile and other charity events.” –Zach Schaphurst

What type of person would thrive at Austin Communication Group?

“An easy-going person without professional attitude, smarts and an over and above work ethic.” Kessler George

“Open, hard working person with a desire and no intent of coming up short.” –Jared Davis

“Someone who is persistent, diligent, positive and a leader.” – Jacob Mooney

“A true entrepreneur, someone who understand the important of hard work.” –Mike Archa

“A hard working, goal-oriented person.” –Colette Few

“Someone who loves to talk to people, has a strong work ethic, student mentality and can maintain a positive attitude.” –Zach Schaphurst

“An unselfish, self motivated, risk taking and confident person would do well here.” –Stephen Moore

What is the most rewarding aspect of your role as an Account Manager?

“The ability to help others and myself at the same time.” –Catherine Kocses

“Helping provide a future for my team is the most rewarding thing for me.” –Jesse Breidor

“To benefit someone’s life by teaching them life skills.” –Colette Few

“Building confidence in other people is my favorite part.” –Renie Nguyen

“Consistently growing as an intern and the responsibility to teach others and share knowledge.” – Sandra Kelly

“Being able to help others become leaders.” –Bruce Thomas

How would you describe the value that Austin Communication Group provides for their clients?

“We provide a face and a personality for the big clients we work with.” –Zach Powell

“The value is honest and very sincere with all their clients and employees.” –Lauren Houser

“Direct marketing works.” –Sandra Kelly

“A personalized approach to creating long-term relationship with a company.” –Colette Few

“We focus on giving the client our best every day. We take being #1 very serious!” –Mike Archa

“It’s a cost-effective way for companies to get marketing, advertising, and sales all in one.” –Jacob Hollowell

“They strive to provide high volume sales while maintaining high quality customers.” –Zach Schaphurst

How have you participated in giving back with Austin Communication Group, and what have you learned from those experiences?

“I reffed an Operation Smile basketball game, and it taught me even though I can’t jump, I can still participate in community events.” –Jesse Breidor

“We have raised money for Operation Smile and I have learned that it is not only about me, but helping everybody.” –Zach Powell

“Always put in 100%. Always being unselfish, and leading by example.” –Stephen Moore

“I have participated in Operation Smile events and I have learned that when a group of people put their minds together, they can do anything.” –Renie Nguyen

“Well I learned that by giving back to those in need is a very rewarding experience. “ –Efren Dominguez

“I’ve been humbled and built back up in this business and love what I have learned and am passing it along to others. This is the most rewarding career I have ever had. Being a fitness specialist has giving me great people skills and helped my psychology with others. Owning a business before has helped me see the opportunity at ACG.” –Josh Borden

“Open to any situation and to trust my coach to continue to help. Nothing is above or below oneself. No backing down and anything can have a positive side, a silver lining.” –Jared Davis